Halloween is less than a month away! That’s pretty cool. But even cooler is the first official Petruzzo Photography Halloween Contest on Facebook! Entering the contest is easy and free and carries no further commitment. Plus winning things is awesome. Keep reading to get the skinny.

Here are the prizes:

First Prize ($650 Value):
– Full Portrait Session (Redeemable anytime between now November 1st, 2011)
– $300 Print Credit
– The pride of knowing you have the coolest halloween costume.

Runners Up ($350 Value, Three Available):
– Full Portrait Session
– The ambition to wear something even more awesome next year.

How To Enter:

Entering the contest is easy. Simply go our fan page wall, click on the little ‘share image’ link and upload a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume (it doesn’t have to be this year’s costume), and make sure you tag yourself! Then, tell everyone you know to ‘like’ our page and leave a comment on your photo saying how amazing your costume is. The person who’s photo has the most comments on October 31st wins! Pretty simple, right?

The Rules:

The rules are simple.

– No nudity. If it violates Facebook’s photo policy, it’s a no-go.
– The photo must be of you in the costume!
– You must be the owner of the photo. Copyright infringement will be an automatic disqualification. (That includes scanning the picture on the front of a costume package).

Deadlines & Miscellaneous Goodness

– The deadline is midnight on October 31st, 2010.  But remember, the earlier you enter, the better your chances of winning!

– Should you win, the portrait session can be used by you, or anyone you should choose to give it to. That’s right, you could be winning a really sweet Christmas gift for someone special.

– Portrait session prizes are subject to all of our standard policies and procedures. Booking portrait sessions is always subject to photographer and location availability. When booking, be prepared to set up your appointment three to six weeks in advance in order to ensure that you get the date and time you want.


Don’t hesitate to call us at 410-417-8206, or email us at info@petruzzo.com

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