From William Petruzzo, the Owner, Operator and Principal Photographer of Petruzzo Photography


As a child I was surrounded by beautiful photographs of my family created by my father, an enthusiastic hobbyist with an eye for composition and character. The images he created were a natural capturing of the essence of the personalities in our family. Because he liked us and we  knew it, the smiles were real and the interactions were real. Those images are a priceless gift from my father, decades in the making, and are priceless to my sisters and me.

When I started  Petruzzo Photography five years ago, I wanted to give my clients the same joyful experience in front of a camera that my sisters and I had. I wanted to create images that did more than put a person’s face on a photographic print. I wanted to create images that would look great now, and still be treasured heirlooms in decades to come. There is only one way to do that—the images must be authentic, the people in them must be at ease with themselves and with the photographer, and they must be captured by someone enjoying the experience behind the camera as much as the subjects in front of it. This is still our goal.  Every day, our customers tell us just how special the images we’ve created are.

We want your photographic experience to not only be something you enjoy, but something you’ll remember fondly for many years. We consistently go out of our way to make this happen—whether it be by traveling a little farther to shoot in just the right place with just the right surroundings and background, or by helping you pick just the right image for your business card, engagement photo, Christmas cards, or those special ‘just-because’ photos.

But we’ll even go further than that.

We freely admit that not every photographer is right for every person. While we would love having the honor of being your photographer, we know that  each photographer’s style is unique. If we’re not right for you, we’ll try to help you find someone who is.

We have one simple motto that we keep in everything we do.

“People first. People second. People third. Then everything else.”

We enjoy our work and, as you may have seen from the galleries on this site, our clients have enjoyed their time with us as well.  If you have not browsed our galleries yet, please do so.

Our Process

We try to be more than professional photographers. We aim to be friends and build meaningful relationships with our clients. For this reason, we keep our workflow carefully streamlined so that the right people are making the tough decisions about your images.

In most cases, the person you speak to on the phone will be the photographer who shows up to capture your images. That same person will be the one who combs through and picks the very best images. And that same person will be the one who designs your albums, Christmas cards or save-the-dates. Though it’s challenging, we believe that there is no other way to ensure your images are organic and meaningful.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, ask to speak with me personally, William Petruzzo, and let me find the best way to give you an excellent experience.

Who Are We

Petruzzo Photography is primarily operated by me, William Petruzzo. However, Petruzzo Photography also owes a debt of gratitude to the small team of photographers, interns and contractors who help keep the gears turning and help to deliver our customers the best experience possible. We are wedding and portrait photographers serving the Maryland, Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington, DC area.

Petruzzo Photography
Bowie, Maryland 20715