Your LivingSocial Voucher

How to Use Your LivingSocial Voucher

So you bought a voucher for Petruzzo Photography from LivingSocial. You might be wondering, what do I do next? Well, this is for you! Please be sure to check out our FAQ‘s for more answers to common questions.

What kind of images should I expect?

We are Lifestyle photographers. Lifestyle photography is a branch of portrait photography which focuses on natural locations, natural situations and natural light. Though we do use some supplemental artificial light, when necessary. You should not expect to receive classic ‘studio’ style portraits, rather, have a look through our galleries—this is what we do.


Your photo session can take place in any number of different locations, from your home, to your local park and more. For information on locations we love to visit check out this article.


Wear what you feel comfortable and attractive in. For more specific tips, check out this article.

Weekend Sessions & General Availability

Weekend sessions are not generally available. This is not a policy, it’s a just matter of fact. Saturdays, and often Fridays, are typically taken by wedding clients. Portraits are never booked on Fridays or Saturdays more than four weeks in advance. In some rare occasions, portrait clients are able to secure a weekend session, but this is almost always at nearly the last minute and difficult to predict. We do not maintain a waiting list. We are closed on Sundays, which is not negotiable.

The best policy is to plan well in advance for a session falling Monday through Friday.

For business customers

It’s important to bear in mind that the agreement for your LivingSocial portrait session requires that when publishing images, whether online or in print, we are specifically given credit. If you would like to avoid this for professional purposes, please let us know and we will be glad to discuss release royalties.

Setting and Confirming Your Session

In order to schedule and confirm your session, we will need several pieces of information from you. Please fill out this form carefully. We will contact you with more information after this form has been submitted. All fields are required

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