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What makes Petruzzo Photography different?

We believe portraits should stand the test of time. Your future isn’t interested in the plastic magazine version of you, where you can’t tell where you start and Photoshop ends. We want to create something that is fundamentally more natural than that. We look for the expressions that matter, the wrinkles that only show up when you really smile. That’s who your kids will want to see, that’s who your customers will want to see, thats who you will want to see someday.

To capture this natural quality better, we almost always conduct sessions on-location. Working with Petruzzo Photography is an easy flow. It is a casual experience, wandering the shooting location, stopping to admire beauty, having a laugh, and of course, capturing the moments as they happen. We ask children to be themselves (and their parents to stop barking orders). We encourage couples to turn up the ‘PDA’. We remind professionals to lighten up.

Each of the images we deliver to you will be professionally processed. The stylistic choices will be carefully made by your photographer, according to the vision developed while working with you on your shoot.

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