Testimonies From Real Customers

The following testimonials are from real customers who have used our services. They have not been edited, except for privacy and where references wouldn’t make sense. These are the real deal.

These are absolutely gorgeous! We are so excited about how they turned out. Our favorite by far is the black and white of Roman on the playground - it's just beautiful.

Felipe was fantastic - we loved working with him...

We look forward to working with you again!

Caitlin W.
Portrait Client
Riding in the car while looking...couldn't wait! My reply...and please don't be offended by my language...holy crap!!!!!!!!! As in they are awesome!!!!!!!!!

Brooke G.
Portrait Client
I think [the photos] came out great, I love the pictures of me and Tyler. Since I always take the photos in the family, I wanted tyler to know what his mom looked like when he was young :)

Tyler and I both loved working with Felipe, and Tyler gave him a big hug at the end of the session. He was very warm and friendly, and we had nice conversation throughout the appointment, which obviously helped him in taking good pictures. And he very politely listened to my bragging of my son, which is a bonus!
I'll definitely be sharing my photos and ordering some of the larger pics from you.

Felipe and I talked about doing a shoot for tyler's second birthday with my husband... I'll definitely be in touch after the holidays.

Lisa T.
Portrait Clients
Hi William,

We're thrilled with the results, thank you for taking such great shots of us!

Here are some of our mutual favorites: 17,30,35 & 38 we love these two in particular for the artsy, vintage feel! 60-64 are amazing! We're so happy we ended our session in that stairwell, the shots were spectacular with the different textures and light- you really captured our personalities very well without feeling staged. We will certainly be in touch as we consider purchasing larger prints and the possibility of a canvas print, particularly of the "stairwell kiss" shot or the final photo on the steps.

Thanks again for a great session and we look forward to working with you in the future!


Peggy & Brett

Peggy & Brett
Portrait Clients

Already left you a little note on facebook but just want to let you know I LOVE them!  I love how you can tell Livi's personality through the pictures, they are really great!  Can't wait to make Christmas cards so everyone can see how great they are and I can't wait to order some prints; now how to pick only a few favorites?!?

Thanks again,


Lora H.
Portrait Client
Hi, William!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but just wanted to say that the photo shoot looks great! *Love* the avenging angel shot down the brick wall corridor. ;) And the photos under the bridge are spectacular -- just what I wanted!

I showed some photos online to a friend of mine, and his reaction was literally, "Wow!" He was really impressed by the photos, and wanted to know who the photographer was.

Thanks so much!

- Rachel

Rachel J.
Portrait Client
Oh my god, amazing! Thank you thank you!

Joanna & Sharif
Wedding Client (Review via Facebook)
Thanks for the pictures, we LOVE them! (and you had them to us sooner than we anticipated!) An amazing job, and exactly what we were looking for.

Nathan & Julie
Wedding Client
I hope all is well and business is keeping you busy. Just wanted to follow up and thank you again for creating an awesome photo session. Both you and your colleague were extremely helpful and flexible in working with me to create a memorable experience.

Portrait Client
My apologies, William! I sent the link to my family members, and we all emailed back and forth about how wonderful the photos are... but I just now realized that I was so caught up with the photos that I never closed the loop by letting you know how pleased we are. You did a really wonderful job, and we appreciate it. The lighting is beautiful, the poses and facial expressions look natural, and the colors are beautiful too. Thanks again for a great experience.

Portrait Client
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