Testimonies From Real Customers

The following testimonials are from real customers who have used our services. They have not been edited, except for privacy and where references wouldn’t make sense. These are the real deal.


I LOVE them! I didn't want the slideshow to end! Thank you so much!!

Mandy D.
Portrait Client
Dear William,

I had no words when I looked at the pictures for the first time... They are so beautiful and special! I think that you grasped very well the essence of our relationship. I want to thank you for that, and also for making us so comfortable during the session. I wish a lot of sucess for your career!

Thank you!
Aurora M. Silva

P.S. A special thank you for Filipe as well!

Aurora & Mitchell
Portrait Clients
We very much like the images. We were amazed at how many wonderful pictures you were able to get of our temperamental toddler. Truly magical.

Antoinette D.
Portrait Client
The pics were the highlight of my day! I really do love them too! Do I wish we could have convinced her to smile? Yes. But that was nothing to do with us and everything to do with a stubborn little girl. Anyway, despite the fact that she wouldn't smile, you managed to capture photos that we will treasure for a lifetime! I really do love them and can't wait to have a house to hang them up in! Ha!

Thank-you again so much for everything! You were amazing to work with and I so appreciated the lengths you went to in order to try and make her feel comfortable. I'll definitely recommend you the next time one of my friends in the area is looking for a photographer!

All the best,

Jennifer J.
Portrait Client
I am so incredibly pleased with these photos that I can't really explain it. Thank you for all your patience with us through this whole process and for all the hard work you guys put into these. They look amazing and I am so excited that we chose to use you! Looking forward to the next time we can work together!!

Jason S.
Thank you so much for everything. The girls had a great time! I could look at these photos all day... I will definitely contact you later this year for something outside in the fall. We can’t wait. Thank you again!
Bernice, Andy, and the girls!

Bernice S.
Portrait Client

Thank you and Felipe for everything. I love the images, they are great! I had tons of fun taking them with Felipe too. :) Awesome job!



Tracy T.
Portrait Client
I keep looking at your wonderful, amazing photos of [my dog] Blue to pick out one to order printed for gifts, but I cannot choose, because I have too many favorites. You and Felipe totally impressed me, especially your calm manner with my somewhat nervous dog. I still cannot believe how well he posed for both of you, and that he treated the cameras as if they (and you) were not even there.

Thank you again, and I will be seeing you again when I make an appointment for more photos of Blue.

Sharon L.
Portrait Client
Hello William,

Wow,... that was fast! The picture look great!! Thanks so much. I got home late tonight and only had a chance to look at them now. I'm glad they came out so nice and the colors and background look really great. You certainly have a wonderful eye for photography. I'm sure my mom will like them too...

Thanks again for doing such a nice job. I really appreciate it!

All best, Pia

Pia V.
Portrait Client
I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... You did a fabulous job and my dad and I both had so much fun. Thank you again!

Julie P.
Portrait Client

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