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What sets Petruzzo Photography apart?

On your wedding day, you are going to spend a lot of time with your photographer. You will share some of your very personal moments with them. It’s a bit strange that for so many brides their wedding day is the first time they ever meet their photographer… And not all photographers get along with their brides. This is why we want you to have plenty of face time with your photographer before the day of your wedding. For our couples who’s schedule permits, we do our best to set up a complementary engagement session to help you and your photographer get to know each other.

While planning and shooting your wedding, we are realistic and straightforward, but ambitious and flexible. We want to make the most of every moment we can. We do our best to help keep the gears moving during all the different parts of your wedding, so that you can pay attention to what really matters.

Each of the images we deliver to you will be professionally processed. The stylistic choices will be carefully made by your photographer, according to the vision developed while working with you. We use a refined system built on years of experience that allows us to deliver consistently excellent images more quickly than most can.

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