I was contacted to do these pictures at the last minute before Father’s day as a last minute gift. Luckily the local lab I use has rush delivery options at pretty reasonable prices. So with a little diligence, these showed up with time to spare. Mrs. Rodgers was ecstatic and absolutely loved the results.

I had a great time with the Rodger’s siblings. Our original plan to take these photographs by a lake was thwarted when we discovered a concert was being held there. So instead we made our way to a local historical site, The Belair Mansion in Bowie, MD. The setting proved to be perfect for the shoot. The building is surrounded by trees which created an excellent texture in the back ground.

I chose this time of day intentionally to achieve the haloing effect without having the create it with an elaborate light set-up which usually proves not as authentic looking anyway. I used a wireless Canon 580exII Speedlight and a diffuser umbrella to achieve the soft fill light as seen in first three pictures. The remaining five pictures were photographed in the shadow the mansion using only natural light.

These images received no post processing, with the exception of minor tint shifting and black point adjustment.