I stumbled on this shooting location by chance while I was on the way home from discovering that the location I was hoping for wasn’t going to be available to me. I was disappointed, but found this place to be much better. Interestingly enough though, it’s only minutes from where I grew up, though I’d never actually been there.

I’m unsure what the location used to be. From the looks of it, it appears to have been some kind of automotive regulation facility—based on some of the other scenery that isn’t pictured.

These photographs were taken with natural light, and the assistance of a large silver reflector. All the images were taken on a Canon 5D using either the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L or the Canon 28-70mm f/2.8L lens. Post processing was performed on all images in order to add color tint or adjust the black point. Adjustments are most notable in the second image on the second row, and the final image in the set.

(Kudos to the subject of these photos too, as it was an extremely bright day and keeping his eyes open was a big challenge.)