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Staci & Antonio’s Wedding at the North Marriott Hotel in Bethesda, MD

Antonio & Tracey were a pleasure to work with. Their entire wedding took place at the Marriot hotel and conference center in Rockville, MD. While I’m not always a huge fan of hotel weddings, this one was truly an exception. The hotel lobby and various hallway corridors provided excellent settings for our formal portraits and photos prior to the ceremony were easily lit with an abundance of natural lighting.


IMG_2379 We developed a great report and had lots of fun doing so, which was especially comical considering more than a few of the bridesmaids shared the same name. (As if remembering names isn’t challenging enough!) They thought it was especially funny that their photographer seemed unusually attached to the word ‘awesome’. It quickly became the adjective of the night.


IMG_7146 Tracey was truly a bride to remember. A stunning dress, and carefully applied makeup only highlighted Tracey’s stunning natural beauty. Antonio wasn’t looking to shabby himself.




IMG_7209 During the ceremony, Tracey & Antonio shared some of the most beautiful custom vows I’ve ever heard. While all personal vows are beautiful in their own right, these actually made me choke up at one point.





Once again, the toasts during this wedding were exceptional. Nothing was gleaned from internet cookie-cutters. The words came from close friends and family, but more importantly, came from the heart.



Without hesitation, I can say that I not only enjoyed this wedding but was also encouraged by Antonio and Tracey’s relationship and their sentiments toward each other. Both in word and in action.



Antonio & Tracey, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope very much that you will make each other happy, day in and day out.