The Codeword


What’s all this business about a codeword? Good job on paying attention. The codeword is a secret. Get in touch with us for your family portraits, corporate headshots, wedding or other event, and use the codeword. You’ll be very happy you did. Hurry up though, there will be a new codeword every Friday, and this one might even run out before then!


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What will using the codeword get me?

You never know.  ;)

Will it help if I know a past codeword?


How do I use the codeword?

In an email or a phone call to us, or written in icing on a scone.

How many times can I use the codeword and still have it work?

Where’s your sense of adventure?

This isn't a very helpful FAQ.

That’s not a question. And, we know. :P