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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the session take place?

Child Psortrait Sessions always take place on-location. Depending on what style of images you like, we may shoot in your home, in a local park, a playground, or a downtown area.

How far will you travel?

Travel to locations within 35 miles of the 21054 zip code is included with your session. Travel beyond that will cost a little extra.

Will you photoshop the images?

Depending on the context of the image, we will remove some non-permanent blemishes and may slightly soften skin where it looks unnaturally rough. On portraits, we generally do not perform major cosmetic adjustments.

Are you good with kids?

You bet! All of our members who shoot child portraits either have lots of kids in their lives, or have chidren of their own. We believe it’s important to let children take the lead, and we base our sessions around playful interactions as much as possible.

How long before the images are finished?

Standard turn around time for family portraits is 14 business days. Rush delivery is available at an additional cost.

How long do sessions usually last?

We keep shooting until we feel satisfied that we’ve captured what we are after. Sessions with children can have unpredictable timing, though average around an hour and a half.

What if my child gets sick, there is bad weather, or an emergency?

We make every effort to accommodate changes in schedule, bearing in mind we can only reserve one date at a time per booking, so schedules will be based on current availability at the time of rescheduling.

What ages are considered children?

As far as portrait sessions are concerned, children are people from the ages of 3 to 15 years old. Ages younger than that are considered babies, and ages older than that are considered adults.

Can my child use multiple outfits?

Certainly. However, be aware that we cannot guarantee there will be a place to change clothes. If you’re not planning to hold your session in your home, we recommend bringing alternate outer wear, which is easy to change in public.

How should I dress my child for the session?

Well, pretty much anything you think looks good. For pre-teens and teenagers, we suggest you make them an important part of the decision. For smaller children, make sure they are warm enough, or cool enough, to feel comfortable.

Are there any other fees I should expect?

Our packages are all inclusive, but do not include tax. If you wish to schedule a session outside of our normal service area you will be required to pay for travel. You may also be required to pay for prints, advanced retouching, parking and event or location admissions during the session.

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