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Life is full of butterfly effect moments you don't see coming. You do see this one coming, and I want to be there to make sure you can remember it beautifully.

So how do you want to remember today, tomorrow?

A photographer adjusts the bride's dress as a bridesmaid holding a bouquet looks on. The bridal party stands in the background on a grassy area outdoors.
A bald man with glasses smiles while holding a DSLR camera in a candid blackandwhite photo.

Hi, I'm William.

I see meaning in the moments unfolding around me, even when others often don’t, and I have been photographing those moments during people’s weddings for almost 20 years. It’s not that I love just weddings, it’s that seldom are so many things that will matter for the rest of your life happening in such a short period of time, and seldom are so many of them at risk of being lost to memory forever. I hate that, and I want to do something about it.

Experience matters, yours and mine.

Wedding photography is basically every kind of photography, all rolled into about 8 short hours. Everyone is having a lot of feelings, and lots of things can go wrong. A photographer who knows how to make a plan, and then knows how to anticipate what to do when that plan gets thrown out the window is valuable. Next to a dedicated wedding planner, they might just be the most valuable asset you can have on your wedding day. That’s what I do, and I love it. Just check out the hundreds of people who have trusted my experience to help them have a great experience on their wedding day.

I have a story to tell, yours.

A gallery full of wedding photos is the result of sometimes hundreds of hours planning, preparing, shooting, curating, editing and making sure everything is just right. There is often just too much of my heart and soul in those galleries to just send them and be done with it. My wedding blog is an opportunity to fulfill that desire, while also showcasing the moments from the real weddings that I put so much energy into. These are real stories, from perspective, complete with a whole boatload of images.

The BIG Portfolio

Here is just a sampling of the hundreds of thousands of images we have delivered to happy couples all over the Eastern Seaboard and beyond. Want to see a whole lot more? Click here.