William Petruzzo

Founder, Photographer, Studio Manager
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My name is William. I’m the founder of Petruzzo Photography. I’m one of our photographers, and am also the studio manager. I’ll be helping you along the way!


in Bowie Maryland

Shooting Since:


Favorite Piece of Gear:

Hands down, the trusty 85mm f/1.8.

Favorite Style of Photography:

I like when I can control everything about the shot. But in real life, I love shooting portraits with a single light source.

Favorite Movies & TV Shows:

I don’t watch too many movies, but enjoy TV shows like The Office, Parks & Rec, Bob’s Burgers, Rick & Morty, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead

Favorite Musical Artists:

Big fan of old tunes, especially bad pop, like Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler and Meatloaf. I also have a soft spot for transitional country music like Garth Brooks. Otherwise, stuff like the Decembrists, Guggenheim Grotto, Camera Osbcura, Ben Folds.

Biggest Influence:

My dad’s photography has always inspired me to create and find meaning in images, but I get my creative juice from my practice of contemplating the strangeness of existence.

Standard Advice:

“Find a way to do a little every day and eventually it will be done.”

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