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Alex & Eric’s Wedding

on August 29, 2020

As a seasoned wedding photographer, I’ve seen love expressed in countless ways, but the wedding of Alex and Eric at the Fleetwood Farm Winery was a celebration that truly stood out. From the anticipation of the first look to the joyous sparkler send-off, their day was a symphony of love and commitment. The stunning setting, the laughter-filled air, the beautiful details, each meticulously planned by talented vendors, all came together to create a day that was nothing short of magical. Join me as I take you through this unforgettable day with more than 180 images to explore! Read on!

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The Arrival and Preparations

I arrived at the scenic Fleetwood Farm Winery in Leesburg, Virginia, along with Felipe. The venue was stunning, and the air was filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation. I was tasked with capturing Alex’s party, while Felipe took care of Eric and his groomsmen.

Felipe and I worked in tandem to document every intricate detail. Dress, shoes, rings and flowers. These items not only looked beautiful but also symbolized a lot of what this day with Alex and Eric was about.

The First Look

Alex and Eric chose to have their first look in the vineyards. Capturing such deeply personal moments is both an honor and a serious responsibility.

The vineyards provided a serene and beautiful backdrop for this significant moment. It was clear that Alex and Eric were taking a meaningful step forward in their life journey as a couple.

Formal Photos and Floral Arrangements

We started with individual portraits, focusing first on Alex’s party. The floral arrangements by The Pink Poppy added a layer of elegance and beauty to these initial photos.

After that, the entire wedding party came together for group photos. The vibe was relaxed, and the sense of camaraderie among the party members was evident, making this part of the day uncharacteristically easy.

Portraits and Pre-Reception Moments

I had the opportunity to take additional portraits of Alex and Eric against the backdrop of the winery before the ceremony. The way they gelled was unmistakable, and the long history of their relationship was really obvious.

Meanwhile, the team from Main Event Catering was hard at work. The delicious aroma of the upcoming feast began to fill the air, setting the stage for the reception that would soon follow.

The Ceremony and Cocktail Hour

The ceremony unfolded in the cozy cedar fenced courtyard behind Fleetwood’s main building. The vows were exchanged in an atmosphere of heartfelt sincerity and intimacy among family and close friends.

With the ceremony in the rear view mirror Felipe turned his attention to covering the cocktail hour while I concurrently took family portraits in the courtyard where the ceremony had just taken place.

Sunset Portraits and the Reception

As the sun began its descent, Felipe assisted me with sunset portraits by holding the flash unit. The golden light of the setting sun lent a romantic and serene feeling to what was otherwise a very busy day.

The reception kicked off with dancing and laughter. DJ Ricky Bulles was in charge of entertainment and did a fantastic job. He even recorded some of the evening’s best moments, which are now available for viewing on his YouTube channel. If you look closely you can find Felipe and I slinking through the dance floor looking for our shots.

The Grand Finale

The day came to a close with a sparkler send-off for Alex and Eric. It was a fitting conclusion to a day filled with meaningful moments and heartfelt celebrations.

As Felipe and I packed up our gear, we reflected on the day. We had captured myriad moments, each contributing to a tapestry of memories that Alex, Eric, and their families will hopefully cherish forever.

A Showcase of Talents

The wedding was not just a union of two people at a stop on a long road toward lifelong love; it was also a harmonious collaboration among various vendors. Fleetwood Farm Winery offered the perfect venue, Main Event Catering delivered exceptional food, The Pink Poppy provided stunning floral arrangements, and DJ Ricky Bulles kept everyone entertained. Each vendor played a crucial role in making the day truly special.

Please enjoy exploring the images!