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Serving Maryland, DC & Virginia with Brilliant Wedding Photography since 2007! Wedding photography coverage starting at just $750.

Petruzzo Photography did a wonderful job for our big day! William and Felipe were both very professional, helped calm our nerves, and delivered high quality photos. They were able to capture all of our candid moments that we are now able to look back at and enjoy, since the day goes by so fast. Our wedding album and 2 parent albums are really nice, genuine leather albums. I love them! I would definitely recommend Petruzzo Photography for your wedding!
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We used Petruzzo photography and were so glad we did. He is very personal while being professional. William worked with us on budget and delivered exactly what we needed and wanted. I had strong opinions on how I wanted to photos to look, and he captured them perfectly. As for value, we received our photos on a disc, and had way more pictures then I know what to do with. I recommend Petruzzo photography to all my friends getting married!
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My husband and I could not be happier with our experience with Petruzzo Photography! William came recommended to us by one of my colleagues and I am so glad that we went with his services. From the very start we immediately felt relaxed and comfortable with William. He was funny, responsive, and easy to communicate with. Throughout the planning, we always felt that William really cared about the meaning associated with the photos he would be taking for our wedding. It seemed like he understood what was most important to us and kept that in mind throughout the whole process.
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How far in advance should we book?

We recommend booking 10 months to one year in advance of your wedding day. Last minute bookings are occasionally available, so don’t don’t hesitate to ask.

How long before the images are finished?

We do not guarantee a specific timeframe for delivery of your images because the quality of the images is our top priority. If the images need more time to look their best, we will delay delivery. However, the average turn around time for most weddings is between 4 and 6 weeks.

Do photographers have different prices?

No, our wedding photography coverage is provided at the same rate regardless of who your photographer is.

Will the images be edited?

Absolutely. Every image we deliver will be processed to look it’s best. This typically means adjustments to color and tone, and in some cases light retouching.

Who will my photographer be?

Your photographer will most likely be either William or Felipe. Except in the unlikely case of an emergency, you will know who your photographer is long before your wedding day, typically even before booking.

What if my photographer gets sick or injured?

That’s the beauty of working with an integrated team like ours! If your photographer becomes ill or injured before your wedding and is unable to fulfill the task, one of our other photographers will step in and cover some, or all, of the wedding day so that you never have to worry about scrambling to find a replacement.

How many images are included?

Unfortunately, since every wedding is different, it’s not possible to answer this question with out a lot more specifics about your wedding. In general, however, a team of two photographers will create around 100 images per hour.

Are there any other fees I should expect?

Our packages are all inclusive, but do not include tax. Also, If you wish to schedule wedding coverage outside of our normal service area you will be required to pay for travel. You may also also be required to pay for parking or location admissions during the session. Additionally, you may wish to pay for prints or advanced retouching, but will not be required to do so to receive the images from your wedding.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! Credit card payments are welcome!

Will you photoshop the images?

Depending on the context of the image, we will remove some non-permanent blemishes and may slightly soften skin where it looks unnaturally rough. On portraits, we generally do not perform major cosmetic adjustments.

What if we already had an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are included with some bookings as a courtesy in all of our wedding packages. While you’re free to opt out of the engagement session if you like, we cannot adjust the package price for that reason. Learn more about why here.

How would you describe your photographic style?

We create a blend of photojournalism, lifestyle and traditional portraiture over a foundation of sentimentalism, expression and personality.

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