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Augusta & Peter’s Wedding

at Gibson Island Club House

on June 19, 2021

Every wedding tells a unique story, and Peter and Augusta’s wedding was a tale filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Felipe and I had the honor of capturing this special day at the picturesque Gibson Island Club House. Despite an overcast sky, we found beauty in the unexpected, resulting in a collection of stunning images. In the full post, we’ve included over 170 of these images for you to look through, each one telling a part of Peter and Augusta’s story. From the unique outdoor Catholic Ceremony to the lively reception with a live band, and the delightful late-night ice cream bar, each moment was a testament to their love. Read on as we delve into the details of this unforgettable day, complete with a visual journey through the day’s most memorable moments.

Want to skip the story and jump straight into the photos? Go for it.


Felipe and I had the honor of being the photographers for Peter and Augusta’s wedding at the Gibson Island Club House. The event was unique and exclusive for the community at Gibson Island, and the venue provided a frankly ideal setting for capturing special moments like these.

The day began under a blanket of clouds. While the overcast conditions weren’t ideal, they provided us with flexibility in terms of shooting locations and directions. Hey you can’t win them all, but I think we managed to make better than the best of it.

There was a silver lining though, because as the day progressed, the clouds dispersed, revealing a vibrant sky, which added depth to our shots.

Venue Selection and Early Moments

The Gibson Island Club House was chosen for its charm and variety of settings, not to mention some sentimental attachments. We started our photography with coverage of the preparation activities in the guest rooms and the Garden House.

The venue has near limitless scenic spots to work with, allowing us to capture diverse backgrounds in our photographs, but not even a chance we’d hit it all.

Pre-Ceremony Portraits

Before the ceremony, Felipe and I divided our tasks. Felipe focused on photographing the men, capturing their anticipation and camaraderie.

I concentrated on portraits with the women. We ensured that both the bride and groom had individual portraits with each member of their wedding parties, emphasizing the importance of these close relationships.

The Ceremony

The Catholic ceremony was somewhat rare in the outdoor setting, which brought some unique depictions of the catholic wedding traditions. Peter’s family priest officiated, adding a personal touch to the event.

The altar’s placement by the water provided a serene setting for the vows. Aiming throughout to capture the genuine emotions and significant moments of the ceremony, and I think we hit the high points and then some.

Post-Ceremony Portraits

After the ceremony, while Felipe meandered off to cover the cocktail hour while I focused on additional portraits with family, the full wedding party shots, and the intimate and diverse moments with Peter and Augusta as a couple finally married.

We spent some time on the beach, and then around to the front of the Club House to capture a range of settings and a lot of variety before needing to make our way over for the reception introductions.

Reception Highlights

The reception featured a live band, which added a hell of a lot of energy to an already energetic event. Guests danced and celebrated as if the music were compelling them to do so.

Elizabeth Giles, the wedding planner, ensured everything ran smoothly. As the evening progressed, guests enjoyed late-night snacks and an ice cream bar. During this time, I also captured aerial drone shots of the venue, showcasing the Gibson Island Club House in its entirety.


As we packed up our gear, we reflected on the day. We had the opportunity to document a significant chapter in Peter and Augusta’s life, and it was a fulfilling experience.

Photography is about capturing stories and emotions, and this wedding was an unambiguous testament to that ideal.

Please enjoy exploring the images!