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Cindy & Malcolm’s Backyard Wedding

at the Couple's Estate

on April 23, 2022


Let’s check out the intimate backyard wedding of Cindy & Malcolm. From Malcolm’s nod to his Scottish heritage with a traditional kilt to the heartfelt hand fasting ceremony, every moment was a blend of personal touches and profound significance. As the evening unfolded, the dance floor became a beacon of joy, with Cindy and her friends letting loose in celebration. But that’s just a glimpse. For a deeper dive into their special day, explore over 100 candid images that encapsulate the essence of their love, commitment, and the vibrant energy of the celebration. Read on!

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The Arrival

I arrived a little before 3:00pm, with Greg an excellent photographer himself, but standing in as an assistant for the day. I could feel the energy as soon as I stepped out of the car. People were buzzing around everywhere. My camera bag was packed with lenses and memory cards selected for the day’s smaller scale events.

On this day, Cindy and Malcolm’s home was more than just a house; it was the canvas that they’d both used as the medium for their vision. The venue was intimate, with around 75 guests, primarily close friends and family. This wasn’t a grand ballroom affair; it was a celebration of love in a place that really means the world to Cindy and Malcolm.

Upstairs, Cindy was full of anxious excitement. Surrounded by her closest friends, she was the practically the epitome of an excited bride. The atmosphere was light, filled with laughter and the clinking of makeup brushes.

A little ways down the hall, Malcolm was a different story. While Cindy was an open book, Malcolm was a bit more reserved, his nervous energy palpable. He was eager, almost impatient, to move forward with the day’s events. His impatience had a kind of masculine sweetness to it. These two had been together for a long time already and he was just ready to officially be Cindy’s husband.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was a beautiful arrangement of moments with DIY rustic elements and cultural significances. Malcolm honored his Scottish heritage by wearing a traditional kilt, a garment deeply rooted in Scottish culture and often worn to signify clan identity and family heritage during significant events like weddings. The couple also incorporated a Scottish hand fasting tradition into their ceremony. This ancient ritual involves tying the couple’s hands together with a cloth or cord, symbolizing their union and commitment to each other. It was a practice rich with historical significance, yet profoundly personal to them.

And let’s talk about that arbor. It was a standout piece, skillfully crafted by Malcolm himself. Each plank and nail was carefully chosen and assembled, reflecting the same level of commitment and attention to detail that he brings to his relationship with Cindy. It really was beautiful.

The Reception

Once the ceremony concluded, it was time for the reception. The transition was seamless, thanks in part to the well-thought-out timeline and the efficiency of everyone involved.

Earlier in the day, snack trays were set out for the ladies during preparations, a touch that probably helped keep the hosts sane as all the dominos of a heavily DIY’d event were knocked down. At the reception, the food was straightforward but well-executed. Guests had a variety of hors d’oeuvres and light fare to choose from, followed by a solid lineup of main courses ranging from salads to fish. Guests were clearly more than satiated.

The live band set the mood, their bluesy melodies bouncing around the back yard and getting feet tapping, and just putting on an all around good-show. I should have grabbed a card before I left. Given Malcolm’s preference for candid over posed photography, I adopted a more hands-off and spontaneous approach throughout the day. Luckily the results were uncontrived moments captured in real-time.

As the evening carried on, the dance floor became the epicenter of joy. Cindy and her friends, liberated from the formalities of the ceremony, let loose. The atmosphere was electric, each dance move a burst of love, happiness and relief.

Wrapping Up

As our contracted time drew to a close, Greg and I got read to pack up, But not before guests had a chance to engage with the DIY Photo Booth set up near Cindy and Malcolm’s vintage road trip van. The booth was a hit

From the dessert tables to the floral arrangements and centerpieces, Cindy and Malcolm had left their mark on every aspect of the day. The attention to detail was staggering.

As I packed up my gear, I took a moment to reflect. The day had been a whirlwind, a rollercoaster of emotions and artistic challenges. But as I looked back at the photos, each frame told a story, each pixel captured a moment. And that, at the end of the day, is what it’s all about.

Please enjoy exploring the images!