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Jenica & Steve’s Wedding

on September 18, 2020

Join us as we delve into the heart of Jenica & Steve’s wedding day, captured by William and Felipe at the Kent Manor Inn. This article offers a behind-the-scenes look at the day’s events, from the early preparations to the lively reception. Experience the anticipation of the first look, the camaraderie during the party portraits, and the unique sunset photoshoot with Steve’s classic DeLorean. This isn’t just a recounting of a wedding day; it’s a glimpse into the real moments, the laughter, the nerves, and the joy that made the day truly special. Take a look at this genuine insight into a real wedding day, or you’re a fan of classic cars and want to hear about a DeLorean’s starring role, this is a story you.

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Contributing Vendors

Setting and Preparations at Kent Island Resort

The sun began to set. I was at Kent Island Resort, immersed in the events of Jenica and Steve’s wedding day. Between the venue’s excellent attention to detail, and the photography timeline I’d designed with Jenica ahead of time, the day was well-planned. Filled with beautiful moments and a strong sense of community during a challenging period on the outskirts of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Jenica and Steve prepared for their big day in the resort’s well-appointed rooms. I was with Jenica in her room, and Felipe was a couple of floors up with Steve. We captured some lovely portraits of Jenica on the balcony outside her room while Felipe caught some moments of the guys being guys on a wedding day.

The First Look

The first look was private and held along the walkway between the main lodging and the Garden House. Steve saw Jenica in her wedding dress for the first time. His face was the best kind of surprise and admiration. It was a moment well worth capturing that paved the way for an easier over-all timeline for the rest of the day.

Portraits: Party and Couple

Felipe took charge of capturing the guys in the wedding party. The atmosphere was lively, and the photos reflect that energy. I focused on Jenica and the bridesmaids. The mood was equally vibrant, and the portraits captured the essence of the moment.

The couple’s portraits were special. Jenica and Steve looked at each other with love, touched subtly, and shared moments of laughter.

We rounded out the portraits by bringing everyone together among the sparse trees that sat between the Garden and the water, and the walked out onto the dock for a shot through the tall grass.

Working with Vendors

We collaborated closely with the vendors. The floral arrangements by Roostervane Gardens were visually stunning. The cake by Peace of Cake was equally impressive.

Thomas Griffin from Sight & Sound Entertainment provided the music. Dolores Jones coordinated the events at Kent Island Resort. Everything ran smoothly.


The Ceremony and Reception

The ceremony was brief. It took place by the gazebo next to the water, which is the venue’s go-to and a great choice. I got some great shots of the processional with my longer lens, and Felipe tucked himself to the side up close. One of the cool things about the gazebo is the ability to get in behind the couple during the ceremony without becoming a distraction for guests in observance.

We followed up the ceremony immediately with our standard procedure of family portraits. The reason we do it this way is because it’s the only sure-fire time that all the family members will be in exactly the same place at the same time, which allows for a much more efficient and less time-consuming process. Felipe meandered off to the cocktail hour with the rest of the guests.

The reception was in the Garden House. It included introductions, dinner, and cake cutting. The party would continue effortlessly, late into the evening.

The DeLorean Portraits

As the reception continued, it was time to break away for one last round of portraits we’d long planned for. The sun was setting, and the sky turned orange and pink. We took additional portraits in front of the resort’s driveway. The focus was Steve’s classic DeLorean car. It’s a symbol of a bygone era, and a piece of history that Steve has preserved with great care, and of which the child somewhere inside of me is full of jealousy.

Steve and Jenica posed with the car, and the photos captured the contrast between the modern wedding attire and the classic car. God I love these photos.

Reflections and Future Anticipations

The day was coming to an end. It was filled with laughter, tears, and shared moments of joy. Above all, it celebrated the love between Jenica and Steve.

I packed up my gear. I felt excited about the future: the future for Jenica and Steve, the friendships we formed, and the memories captured. Sometimes a wedding can end and feel leave you feeling emptied out, this one ended leaving us feeling full, albeit very tired.

Please enjoy exploring the images!