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Joe & Aaron’s Vineyard Wedding

Get an inside look at Joe & Aaron’s wedding at The Barns at Hamilton Station, a day that was nearly as seamless as it was authentic. Captured by Felipe and me, the event unfolded with a blend of careful planning and genuine interactions. From the early preparations in the farmhouse to a sparkler exit expertly executed by the hard working professionals of Vows & Vines, the day was almost like a well-orchestrated play. Portraits, a beautiful ceremony, dinner, dancing and a lot of laughter, the full post showcases more than 175 images — read on to see how things came together on Joe & Aaron’s wedding day.

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Felipe and I arrived at The Barns at Hamilton Station and found Joe and Aaron in the kitchen of the farmhouse, about to head upstairs to suit up. The mood was calm. It seemed clear that being in the spotlight is probably neither of their cup of tea, but this was a wedding day, their wedding day, and they were going to do it.

While Joe & Aaron started to get ready, Felipe and used that time to grab as many of the customized detail items as we could find. We captured some close-ups on the deck behind the farmhouse. There was a lot to work with and the attention to detail was impressive.

Family Portraits

Joe and Aaron didn’t have a traditional wedding party, and although it’s generally not advised to try and take family portraits before the ceremony because it can introduce a lot of unpredictability, they had a lot of time to spare before the ceremony, and so they took the extra step to make sure that everyone knew when and where they needed to be. It worked out almost flawlessly.

We captured most of these pre-ceremony family portraits near the farmhouse. The light was beautiful, and the foliage was in excellent shape.

Couple’s Portraits

Just before the ceremony, Joe, Aaron, and I spent the last few minutes capturing some couple’s portraits near the old barn. The sun was starting to sag in the sky, and we captured some really romantic images among some rustic overgrowth.

This was a quiet moment before a busy event would start. We took advantage of the setting sun and the old barn to create a series of memorable images.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place on the lawn behind the vineyard’s tasting room, which overlooks the pond in the background. This is by far my most preferred spot on the property for a wedding ceremony. Officiated by Joy Andreasen, the ceremony was in some ways typical on the surface but stood out as Joe and Aaron nervously exchanged vows.

They contended with what I assume was some public-speaking anxiety, a feeling I can relate to. The ceremony was heartfelt, and the anxiety added a layer of authenticity.

Reception Details

While Felipe took Joe & Aaron for a short 10-minute session with the soon-to-be setting sun, I went inside to capture some details of the reception space. The Chef’s Table had set up the catering, and everything looked impeccable.

The tables were set, and the room was ready for a celebration. The cake from The French Bread Factory was also set up, awaiting its moment during a lull in the dancing.

Dinner and Celebrations

Joe & Aaron were introduced at the start of dinner. They took up a microphone and each addressed their guests with some words of appreciation before dinner was properly served.

After dinner, in Barn’s typical fashion, the party moved upstairs to the main level. The DJ set the mood, and the dance floor opened up. Later in the evening, during a lull in the dancing, Joe and Aaron cut the cake.

The Send-Off

The evening came to a close with a sparkler exit, a nice touch that is always managed and executed expertly by Julie and Terri of Vows & Vines.

The sparklers dimmed, the guests began to disperse, and a sense of accomplishment settled in for all the vendors involved.

Final Thoughts

Felipe and I finished our evening after Joe & Aaron had made their way off. I sat down with Julie from Vows & Vines, and we just looked at each other. “That went great, I’m tired,” we both seemed to say without words.

Please enjoy exploring the images!