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Whispers of Joy, overseen by Joy Andreasen, offers a notable service in wedding officiation. Joy Andreasen is licensed to officiate weddings and has experience in conducting a variety of ceremonies. The emphasis is on ensuring that each ceremony aligns with the preferences and requirements of the involved parties.

Beyond wedding officiation, Whispers of Joy provides a range of services in the United States. Joy Andreasen holds several titles, including Spiritual Intuitive, Shamanic Reiki Healer, and Psychic Medium. Additionally, she has made contributions as an author.

For individuals interested in exploring different facets of spirituality, the establishment offers sessions. These can be facilitated through various mediums such as phone, Zoom, or face-to-face meetings in Winchester, Virginia. The primary aim is to offer a platform for individuals to navigate and understand their personal spiritual inquiries.

Whispers of Joy also organizes monthly events and classes, designed to disseminate knowledge on a spectrum of topics. Joy’s written works discuss diverse spiritual subjects, aiming to provide readers with insights and different perspectives.

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