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Session Reservations

Purchase your session, choose a date, and give you and your loved ones something special to look foreword to. Also makes a very heartfelt gift!

Family & Personal Services

Express Personal Sessions

Restricitons Apply. From $175

Individual Headshot Services

Upcoming Mini-Sessions

There are currently no upcoming Mini-Sessions Scheduled.

We’re sorry, there are no mini-sessions scheduled at the moment! Feel free to sign up for a notification when we schedule our next round of mini-sessions. Or, check out our express services for personal portraits and headshots.


November 4th at the Bel Air Mansion in Bowie, $160

Headshot Day

November 12th at the Bel air Mansion in Bowie, $99

Frequently Asked Questions

Session reservations are like gift certificates that you can use right away or give to someone else.

When you book Petruzzo Photography, you’ll purchase your session on our website, and we will choose a date and location that works for you. Or, if you prefer, you can call us and we’ll help get all the details in order before you purchase your session.

If you need to hold your session on a specific day or in a specific place, we recommend reaching out to us before purchasing your session.

Redeem a session reservation by emailing us. We’ll automatically apply your reservation to your booking. If you’re giving your reservation as a gift certificate, please let us know so we’re prepared when the recipient contacts us to set up their session.

Book your session in three easy steps:

1. Purchase the session reservation you need.

2. Choose a date, time and location. We’ll help you with this personally!

3. Sign the portrait agreement online.

Done! Your session is booked and you’re ready to go! :)

Book your session 2 to 6 weeks in advance. During some seasons you may need to book further in advance. There’s always a chance for last-minute availability, so it’s worth asking. Express sessions can’t be booked more than 7 days in advance, and are only available Monday through Friday, so if you need an immediate session, reach out and ask about availability first.

Yes! If you want to give your session reservation to someone as a gift, we can send you a PDF to print out and give to them. Or, for an additional charge, we can mail you a high quality printed certificate.

You can use a session reservation for any of our products or services that cost the same amount. If you want to use it for a service that costs less, we’ll give you a print credit for the difference. If you want to use it for a service that costs more, you’ll need to pay the difference before the session. Please let us know if you have a reservation but want to use it for a different product or service.

Session reservations will cover the cost of the stated service for one year. After one year, the session reservations will convert into a cash credit, which can be used toward any of our products and services at their current price.

Sessions reservations can be used to book your session immediately, or you can hold on to them and book your session at your leisure. 

Our Express Services are only available in Bowie and Crofton, which helps reduce time spent traveling to our clients’ locations. Express Services are also shorter than their full-scale counterparts, producing fewer images that need editing. Additionally, Express Services may only be booked Monday through Friday and no more than 7 days in advance, which gives our full-scale sessions priority opportunity to book their preferred dates. All together, these restrictions allow us to offer a significantly lower cost service to clients who have more flexibility and fewer requirements.

Our team of photographers is fully vaccinated. Under most shooting conditions, particularly those outdoors, we do not wear masks by default. However, we do carry them with us and are more than happy to wear them indoors if requested or required by the venue.

Rescheduling and postponement policies have also been relaxed due to COVID-19. If you have any concern related to COVID-19, or you or anyone else in your party is feeling unwell, please let us know and we will gladly work with you to reschedule your session.

We do not provide refunds for session reservations. Please get in touch with us before purchasing your session if you have any questions, or need clarification on anything.