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Annapolis Elopement Weddings A How To Guide for Eloping in Annapolis scaled

Annapolis Elopement Weddings: A How-To Guide for Eloping in Annapolis

(Guide Last Updated: June 21st 2024. Have there been changes? Please let me know.) Traditional weddings are great, but they’re also, well, a lot. They can take more than a year to plan, and the price tag can pretty easily drift into the high 5 figures. A lot of people rightly feel like that’s not a great way to start the journey of married life together, and as a result lots of people are turning to the comparatively simpler approach of eloping. Now, when you hear that word, “eloping”, you can be forgiven for reflexively imagining a tacky Las Vegas chapel and the dubious romantic fling that started at the craps table several hours, and half a dozen drinks, earlier.

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