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An Engagement Session at Home

There are a lot of pretty places to take photos, but inside your home is sometimes the best option. This couple decided to shoot engagement photos in their home because they wanted images that let them be themselves, and showcase some of the more private elements of...

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The Invisible Things Your Photographer Does

Being a photographer is easy right? Just show up with a camera, take a few pictures, bing bang boom, photography! Right? Well, no. But you probably already knew that. What you probably don’t know, is just how much you don’t know. Lots of people, acquainted with a...

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What are Headshot Days?

Photography is critical for businesses. There’s no way around that. Luckily, it has become easier to find relevant images and qualified people to provide them, and the cost has come down too. If you need a photo of a specific landscape, or a texture, or a thematic...

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Amazing Clients, at An Amazing Portrait Location

Felipe has been working with this Family since some time around 2010 when they bought a daily deal and a friendship took root. Since then, Felipe has seen the family grow and change. Together, they've visited portrait locations all over the place, from creek beds to...

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Why Your Day-Job is a Perfect Complement to Your Photography

Do you know what the heart of photography really is? Once upon a time, 80% of photography was knowing how to operate the camera mechanism. The other 20% was seeing. Today, cameras do most of the really technical work and the numbers have flipped. About 20% of the work...

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