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Another One of Felipe’s Beautiful Fall Family Sessions

Felipe returned to the beautiful, inviting and kid-friendly Wheaton Regional Park late last year for a portrait session with this delightful and bubbly family. Making heavy use of the day's soft lighting, their comfortable picnic blankets, and the park's rustic...

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5 Good Reasons to Get New Family Portraits This Spring

Things are finally beginning to warm up outside, and our phone is starting to ring with people looking to have new family portraits made. Meanwhile, you keep seeing all the pretty pictures on Instagram and Facebook, and thinking maybe you should jump on the bandwagon....

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A Colorful October Family Portrait Session from Felipe

Felipe met up with one of our favorite families, at one of our favorite locations, for an annual family portrait session late last year.  This family loves to color coordinate, and has a strong eye for tradition. Having visited the Glenview Mansion many years in a row...

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Better Photos with Your Phone: The Culling Habit

Last time on our Better Photos series, we talked about “rapid fire exposures” or “burst mode” or “multi-exposure” shooting. Basically, when you take a whole bunch of photos at once. At one point in there, I reasoned that one of the problems that rapid fire exposures...

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Planning a Wedding With Pushy Parents

Of all the complaints we hear about wedding planning and everything that goes into it, I’d say that pushy or demanding parents are pretty close to the top of the list. Unfortunately, working through that process and relationship doesn’t have any easy answers that will...

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A Beautiful Session from Felipe, Late From Christmas Time

A few months ago, around Christmas time, Felipe met up with this beautiful family for a session in DC. It was a perfect time for family photos, with everything drenched in color and the season well represented pretty much everywhere you look. This session was a bit...

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Better Photos with Your Phone: Rapid-Fire Exposures

Welcome back for another installment of Better Photos with Your Phone. Last time we talked about locking the exposure, a feature available by default on most smartphones, which allows you to take a little more control over how the photo looks without having to know a...

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