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Portrait Photography is Always a Collaboration

In a sense, all photographers-of-people are necessary collaborators. I’m stretching the meaning of that word a little bit. What I mean is that the artwork they create always hinges on some uncertainty from the people they photograph. They have to bend and adapt their...

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A Portrait Session Should Be An Experience, Not a Chore

If you ask just about any portrait photographer what kind of person they like to work with, the vast majority of their answers will include something along the lines of “a person who wants to be there”. There are a lot of good reasons for this response. Perhaps most...

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The Value of the Honest Truth

You know, in all of the years we’ve been in business, I can honestly say I have personally liked probably 99% of our clients, and maybe more. Of course, I haven’t done any actual math here. But given how difficult it is to list people I haven’t liked, I’m confident in...

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How many images can you expect from your session?

This is a question we get very regularly. Strange that I have not written about this until now. The question is not easily answered. While it’s true that we generally create between 20 and 60 finished images per hour, per photographer, you’ll see that we don’t make...

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Hindsight is The Worst Time to Learn About Your Expectations

There are an awful lot of people walking around feeling unhappy, frustrated, angry and upset because their expectations weren’t met in one way or another. It’s a tricky thing to manage our expectations. On the one hand, you don’t want to expect the worst all the time...

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