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Family Play Time at the Neighborhood Park in Baltimore

Not long ago Felipe had the chance to shoot a family portrait session for the second time with Kristina, Kenny, and their son. This time, in a neighborhood park near their home. The park was not a bad spot, with wide open spaces and natural greenery all around. The weather was a bit of a challenge, the cloud cover was dense and spitting rain here and there, but Felipe made it work. Being off-season, the park was a bit bare, but that ultimately ended up working in his favor.

During the session, Felipe kept things light and playful, Kenny the little one playing soccer and staying entertained. Felipe managed to snag some nice solo shots of Kristina and Kenny, and the boy’s foam airplane made for some really fun and exciting shots. Despite the weather, Felipe was able to capture some nice, organic-looking photos.

One of the best shots from the day featured the boy’s airplane flying towards the camera. Felipe dodged just in time.

The family also took some cute photos sitting down together on a blanket that Kristina brought and Felipe got some really cool shots ankle deep in the rustic surroundings. For a few shots, he used a forced perspective trick to create an interesting effect in one of the shots where the boy popped his head out from behind a tree with his mom and dad in the background.

All in all, it was a great session and Felipe had a blast editing the photos.