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Portraits at the Family’s Favorite Local Park

A family posing in front of a serene pond at sunset while capturing beautiful family portraits.

Felipe was back for round two with Matt & Jennifer and their three — now four — children. He had previously met Matt, Jennifer, and the kids when he was one of the photographers covering their wedding several years ago. This time around, they decided to do the photo shoot at a picturesque community park near their home. The park featured a lovely lake and an abundance of natural beauty, making it the perfect location for their family portraits.

As they arrived at the park the sun was just beginning to sink, casting a warm glow through the trees. It was a perfect time for the shoot at this location. The session was originally planned as a newborn session, but due to some unexpected illnesses and complications, it had to be rescheduled. The delay ended up turning into an opportunity for a more traditional family portrait session, marking the family’s transition as a new member joined their pack.

The family spent the evening shoot wandering around the park, taking in the sights and sounds. Felipe was always on the hunt for a good shot, and he wasn’t disappointed. He captured some truly stunning photos of the children by themselves, amidst the tall ornamental grass around the edges of the park. He also made sure to pay special attention to photos of Jennifer with her new baby.

As the street lights came on, signaling the end of the session, everyone was tired but content with the results. Felipe returned from the session excited to see the results and did a great job editing the images in a true to life style, with a subtle warm stylistic flare.