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Cade’s Senior Portraits on the Streets of Downtown Annapolis

A young man in a blue suit standing on a brick path for his graduation portrait.

There’s something uniquely invigorating about working with high school seniors. They can bring a certain vivacious spirit that infuses the air with an infectious energy. Cade, our latest senior portrait subject, was no exception. As he stands on the precipice of a new chapter, his parents, Lori and Bruce, wanted to capture this moment before he dives headfirst into the whirlwind of college life.

Lori, with the aid of our new Location Directory, selected Downtown Annapolis as the backdrop for the occasion. The location, with its balanced blend of urban chic and historical charm, was the ideal setting for Cade’s senior portraits. It provided the convenience of a cityscape, coupled with a rich, historical ambiance that adds a unique depth to the photographs captured there.

Our journey began at St. John’s College, a serene spot with ample street parking and minimal foot traffic. Cade, a tad shy but eager, opted for a one-on-one session, allowing his parents to explore the quaint shopping district of Downtown Annapolis. As we navigated the campus perimeter, Cade gradually warmed up to the camera, his initial reticence melting away with each set up.

I allowed Cade to lead us initially, letting him find his comfort zone. As he eased into the rhythm of the session, I gradually took the reins. We explored brick walkways, lounge chairs, and a peculiar gnarled tree where I employed the phone-mirror technique to capture an interesting shot of Cade gazing skyward.

Our journey led us down Prince George Street, where we discovered a plethora of photo opportunities amidst potted flowers and historic buildings. Here, I discovered Cade’s secret weapon – a mean one-eyebrow that perfectly encapsulated his dual persona of serious scholar and playful jokester.

As we neared the water, the hour-long session began to take its toll on Cade. But, like a real trooper, he persevered for another quarter of an hour, allowing us to capture some really expressive images by the water. The setting also provided an excellent opportunity to incorporate some striking black and white images into the mix.

We concluded our session with a classic head-and-shoulders senior portrait, tucked into a patch of shade by the water. It was a fitting end to a truly enjoyable session with Cade, a young man standing at the crossroads of youth and adulthood.

Our Location Directory proved invaluable in this session, guiding us to a location that perfectly complemented Cade’s personality and the tone of the shoot. Downtown Annapolis, with its blend of urban convenience and historical charm, provided a vibrant backdrop that made Cade’s senior portraits truly stand out.┬áIf you or someone you know is looking to commemorate a special moment with a portrait session, we’d be delighted to be part of your journey. Here’s to capturing life’s fleeting moments, one click at a time.