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Katie & Clark’s Engagement Session in Old Ellicott City

An engaged couple strolling down the street in front of an old red brick building, capturing a timeless portrait amidst the historic charm of Old Ellicott City.

After two thwarted attempts due to uncooperative weather, Katie and Clark’s engagement session finally took place on the charming streets of Old Ellicott City. The sky conditions were far from perfect that day, but we decided to seize the moment and it turned out to be a decision that worked in our favor.

Katie had chosen Old Ellicott City as the location for their session, a decision made easier by our new Location Discovery Tool. The historic city was a convenient meeting point for the couple, who were coming from different directions after work. The session began near the Trolly Stop, a popular spot south of the downtown area that also happens to be a great place to grab a bite after a photo session.

Our journey took us to the rock garden next to the old bridge that spans the Patapsco River. We then crossed the street to an industrial building, where we captured a few interesting shots with the silos. The bridge itself provided a dramatic backdrop for photos with the iconic “Ellicott City” sign on the railroad overpass.

We meandered through the city’s alleyways and up Main Street, stopping at the popcorn shop where we found a whimsical statue of a bear clad to the teeth in Maryland flag-themed gear. We also spent some time pondering a sculpture on the side of an old building across the street, which Clark eventually determined was a waterwheel, a fitting symbol for Ellicott City’s milling history. Good job Clark.

The city’s romantic archways and pretty string lights added a touch of magic to our session. We even tried to illuminate some lights in Timber Park, but the outdoor outlet had other plans. Despite this minor hiccup, we had a wonderful time exploring, joking, and getting to know each other — one of the key reasons to have an engagement session at all.

As the sun began to set, we wrapped up our session. The dense cloud cover may have robbed us of a dramatic sunset, but it couldn’t dampen the good vibes in every photo.

Old Ellicott City proved to be an excellent choice for this session. Its historic charm, unique architecture, and picturesque streets provided a variety of backdrops for our photos. They weren’t all winners, cause they never are, but the city’s rich history and character added depth and interest to the images, making them even more special. The convenience of the location, along with its variety of scenic spots, made it a perfect choice for Katie and Clark’s engagement session. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best locations are those that offer a blend of convenience, charm, and a touch of the unexpected.