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The Delicate Art of Bribery During Your Family Portrait Session

Are you tired of those cheesy family portrait sessions where everyone is forced to smile and look at the camera? Are you struggling to get your little ones to cooperate and behave? Fear not, because bribery is here to save the day!

Before we dive into the art of bribery, let’s define it: bribery is the act of giving or receiving something valuable (usually money or gifts) in exchange for some kind of favor or advantage. In the context of a family portrait session, bribery can be a useful tool to get your family to behave and cooperate.

Now, some may argue that bribery is unethical and sets a bad example for kids. But let’s be real – sometimes a little bribery is necessary to get through a photo session with young children. And hey, as long as it’s not something illegal or dangerous, a little bribery never hurt anyone.

So, how do you go about bribing your family for a successful portrait session? Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan ahead: Don’t wait until the day of the session to bribe your family. Start planning a few days in advance so you have time to come up with a good bribe and also get your family excited about the session. Consider what each member of your family would be most motivated by, and plan accordingly.
  2. Know your audience: Different family members may have different bribe preferences. For example, your teenager may be more motivated by a gift card to their favorite store, while your younger child may be more excited about a new toy.
  3. Offer a small treat: Children are often motivated by food, so offering a small treat (such as a piece of candy or a cookie) can be a useful bribe. Just be sure to avoid anything that will make a mess or stain their clothes. If food isn’t a suitable bribe for your family, consider offering a small toy or sticker as a reward instead.
  4. Use a reward chart: A reward chart can be a helpful way to bribe your child without resorting to food. Create a chart with different behaviors or actions that you’d like your child to exhibit during the photo session (such as sitting still, smiling, or looking at the camera), and offer a small prize (such as a toy or stickers) for each behavior they exhibit. This can help your child feel more motivated to cooperate and can make the photo session more interactive and fun.
  5. Promote independence: Children often love to feel independent and in control, so consider offering a bribe that allows them to make their own choices. For example, you could give your child a selection of small toys or stickers to choose from as a reward for good behavior. This can help your child feel more engaged and motivated to cooperate.
  6. Make it a game: Children often respond well to games and activities, so try turning the photo session into a game. For example, you could play “freeze” where you take a photo every time your child freezes in a certain pose, or “red light, green light” where you take a photo every time your child stops moving. This can help make the photo session more enjoyable and interactive for your child.
  7. Be strategic: Don’t offer the bribe right away. Let your family know that the bribe will be given at the end of the session as a reward for good behavior. This way, they’ll be more motivated to cooperate throughout the session.
  8. Don’t rely (entirely) on bribery: While bribery can be a useful tool, it shouldn’t be the only method you use to get your family to cooperate. It’s important to also set clear expectations and boundaries, and to have patience and understanding with your family.


In conclusion, bribery can be a delicate art when it comes to family portrait sessions. Used sparingly and strategically, it can be a helpful tool to get your family to cooperate and behave. Just remember to keep it simple, make it fun, and be patient. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can bribe your way to a successful and enjoyable family portrait session.