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Alex & Pascal’s Family Portraits at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Annapolis

A family in Annapolis, Maryland, exuberantly holds their daughter up in the air.

More than 12 years ago now, I had the honor of capturing the start of a love story for Alex and Pascal as they started out on their journey as newlyweds. We were all basically still kids back then then – crazy how time flies. Fast forward to today, that love story has blossomed into a lively family narrative, filled with the laughter and curiosity of their four charismatic children.

Recently, Alex reached out with this sense that it was time to capture these fleeting moments moments with some family portraits — having not heard from her in a while, I was thrilled that she thought of me. Alex had a clear vision for these photos: a serene beach setting. She initially considered Beverly Triton Beach Park or Jonas Green Park in Annapolis. However, construction issues led her to explore other options using our new Location Discovery Tool. Her search ended at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Annapolis.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, an active research facility, offers a genuinely picturesque beachfront setting — one of the best in the immediate area, in fact. The permit process was simple, basically just a quick phone call ahead of time, and a quick hello when you arrive. The staff were incredibly welcoming and happy to see us. Of course, it ought to go without saying (though unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily) due to its operational nature as working research facility, being mindful and respectful of the area is a big priority. None of this was a problem with Alex & Pascal’s clan, though.

Our session was a delightful journey across the beach, capturing a mix of group portraits and individual shots of the kids, both solo and with their parents. We even made a playful attempt at recreating one of Alex & Pascal’s wedding portraits, a task that the kids found amusingly distracting.

In a moment of adventurous spirit, Alex & Pascal scaled a tree, resulting in a truly epic shot of Pascal’s long hair billowing in the wind — one of the few moments during our session that the wind actually played into our favor. We wrapped up our session with a sweet little cake smash celebration for their youngest, who had just celebrated their first birthday a couple weeks prior.

The outcome of this session was a beautiful blend of natural and personal, exactly the style we cherish. The location added a touch of warmth and adventure, perfectly encapsulating the vibrant energy of Alex and Pascal’s family. It was a privilege to witness their love story continue to unfold, now enriched by the infectious laughter and love of their four wonderful children.

Check out some of our favorites from the session below. If it’s time for some new portraits of your family, look through our locations directory for some inspiration and get in touch to set something up!