Business Professional Portrait Session in Arlington, VA

Jeffrey contacted me a few months ago after purchasing a deal we ran on Groupon back in January. Not having too many good photographs of himself, and with our social interactions taking place more and more online, Jeffrey simply wanted something better to work with.

When we arrived at our Arlington, VA shooting location and found that it was more populated than we expected. Juggling the added challenge of isolating Jeffrey from the crowds around us wasn’t easy, but we pulled it off, and had a lot of fun doing so. And, the added energy around us actually added a subtle element to the images that proved to be a great enhancement.

epic man in road  in arlington va

man calling for cab in arlington va

man crossing street  in arlington va

man in front of sun-flare  in arlington va

man crossing the street  in arlington va

close up portrait of man  in arlington va

backlit portrait of man  in arlington va

man in front of concession stand  in arlington va

Man leaning against wall in arlington va

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Posted by William Petruzzo on Oct 27, 2010. Categorized as Photography, Portraits, Professional Tags: , , , , ,