Posted by William Petruzzo on Nov 05, 2012

It’s always special when we have a couple share with us those moments in time that played a major role in how they came to be. So, that’s why when Jenna & Matthew came to us with the request to capture their relationship as an engaged couple, we knew we were in for a really […]

Petruzzo Photography shooter, Felipe Sanchez, set out with Tracey to explore Old Town Alexandria. Tracey brought her beauty, Felipe brought his camera and awesome skills, and Old Town Alexandria brought its classic charm, and together they created some truly stunning.

Posted by William Petruzzo on Nov 22, 2011

Andrea used our services last year in the fall. The images were captured by Felipe Sanchez, one of our very talented portrait shooters. These were good ole’ fashioned ‘just because’ photos for Andrea, and Felipe caught a great deal of personality in them. True color processing, with a very subtle vintage tint, and bright tonal […]

Posted by William Petruzzo on Sep 22, 2011