Posted by William Petruzzo on Nov 26, 2012

These images were captured by Petruzzo Photography shooter, Felipe Sanchez in Old Town Alexandria.

Posted by William Petruzzo on Aug 13, 2012

The Morris Family (changed for privacy purposes) is your average singing dancing familial parade. Kind of like a living breathing episode of Glee, but without all the high school drama. Or, dare I say, there might be a little Von Trapp blood flowing in there somewhere. And silly as it might sound, it was awesome; […]

Posted by William Petruzzo on Feb 03, 2012
Categorized as Family, Photography, Portraits

We first worked with Lora and her husband Andrew last year after they purchased a Groupon deal we were running. This year, they returned for more portraits of their trio. We headed to the popular Old Town Alexandria, which not only boasts a playground and beautiful scenery and architecture, but also some great fishing spots […]

Posted by William Petruzzo on Dec 06, 2011

Petruzzo Photography shooter, Felipe Sanchez, set out with Tracey to explore Old Town Alexandria. Tracey brought her beauty, Felipe brought his camera and awesome skills, and Old Town Alexandria brought its classic charm, and together they created some truly stunning.

Posted by William Petruzzo on Nov 22, 2011