This is no April Fools joke! Petruzzo Photography is offering big discounts for portraits and weddings booked in April. These are deals you won’t want to miss out on!

Double Commission on Weddings

It’s no secret, Petruzzo Photography offers a great deal on commissions for wedding photography. When you recommend a friend to Petruzzo Photography’s wedding service, you receive a generous 5% commission. But during April, you’ll get double that! 10% commission means you could earn as much as $449 just for referring someone to Petruzzo Photography!

But it gets better!

During April, you can do something nice for a friend and donate your commission to the couple and help them save up to 20% on their wedding package*.

Free Portraits With All Weddings

While you always save money when you book a portrait session along with your wedding, this month we’ll do you one better and give the portrait session away for free when you book your wedding with Petruzzo Photography—a $50** value, free this month.

Double Portrait Prints

Each portrait package comes with one 8×10” print and two 6×9” prints. But, during the month of April, you’ll receive double prints on all portrait sessions—over a $45 value!

*Fans of the Petruzzo Photography Facebook Page always save 10%.

**Portrait sessions booked alongside a wedding cost $50.