Now this was something fresh.

Whitney & David contacted me to shoot their engagement photographs. They wanted something that reflected their lives at the beginning of their relationship. After some brainstorming, we settled on the Washington DC Metro. The Orange Line to be specific. They both live and work in DC and the metro is something both of them see all the time. It was a natural choice.

The shoot was not without it’s challenges, however. Selecting a time of day that was not ripe with riders was the first challenge. The second challenge was actually meeting each other on time. All three parties were coming from different parts of the district and attempting to meet all in the same place at the same time via metro car. The challenge resulted in one reschedule, but we nailed it on the second try.

man and woman by vienna and new carrolton sign

man and woman standing in metro car

man and woman sitting in metro car

metro map with couple in the background

couple standing by dc metro car

couple sitting in back of metro car with tracks in background

couple holding hands on dc metro car

couple being affectionate on dc metro car

couple kissing by escalator on dc metro platform

couple being affectionate on dc metro platform

couple waiting for car on dc metro platform

These photographs were shot on the DC Metro utilizing almost entirely natural light and the occasional help of a speedlight when necessary.