You may have noticed a departure from the usual regularity of updates on Rest assured, that it’s not for lack of things to update with. But rather, we are going through some changes and don’t want to spoil great content.

Here’s what’s going on.

1. There is a new website coming. The current website, while functional and attractive is beginning to feel a tad out of date in its design. Additionally, it doesn’t load as fast as it could and the blog really isn’t optimized for viewing new photographs. The new design is lighter, loads faster, and is designed to give bigger previews of images. Not to mention it looks awesome.

2. There are new people. Some new bodies have begun working with us and we’d like to introduce them. But that takes time which otherwise may have been given to the website. Deepest apologies, but it will be worth it.

3. There are new products. Coming shortly after the new website are some changes to our wedding pricing structures, and more importantly, to the products. There is an incredible new option coming, but again, it takes time. So sit tight.

We promise, we’re still here, alive and well. Updates are coming soon.