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Engagement Photos Now Included With Every Wedding Package

engagement sessions now included in every wedding package

Starting today, all of our wedding packages now include an engagement session at no additional charge. Why did we make this change, rather than continuing to offer it as an add-on? Allow me to answer that for you in the easiest way that I can.

The better our relationship with a client, the better the images tend to turn out.

We’re thoroughly committed to delivering outstanding images every time. From the past, we can see a clear trend: When we have the opportunity to get to know a client, even develop a good friendship, the images we’re able to capture during the wedding improve. When you’re more comfortable with us, your more comfortable with the camera we’re pointing at you. Getting together before your wedding day to shoot engagement photos is a great way to spend a little time with each other before the wedding, and everyone gets a little more comfortable.

We consider this opportunity to get together before the wedding to be an invaluable opportunity that has a clear benefit to the total wedding photography experience we aim to deliver. For this reason, we’ve decided to include this feature as a part of every wedding package including 4 or more hours of coverage.

Some restrictions apply.

This is a great value and something many of our competitors don’t offer. However, there are a few limitations.

1. The engagement session must be used Monday through Thursday, before the wedding date.

2. The engagement session is non-transferrable. In other words, the photos must be of the Bride and Groom.

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