If you called us on Monday, May 9th, 2011, you would have been almost immediately greeted with a message stating that we were closed. I’d have probably thought, “closed, on a Monday? What?” Well, behind the curtains, the Petruzzo Family was welcoming a new bundle of joy. A slimy, screaming, kind-of-gross looking, yet still unmistakably adorable, bundle of joy.

I spent the entire day, sun up to sun down, at my sister’s home near Olney, MD, along with the rest of the Petruzzo Family. Running miscellaneous errands for my sister and the midwives, and keeping track of the small, but growing uprising of nieces and nephews. (“Vive la Revolution!” They say. Children say some funny things!) Of course, our cameras were there also, but we’re going to keep most of those private.

After about 16 grueling hours of labor, my sister finally gave birth to her second child, Andrew. Born 8.5lbs and 21 inches long. Welcome to the world, Little Guy.


Special thanks to all of you who wished my sister and our family well!