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Digital Images from Weddings Now Delivered on USB Thumb Drives


We’re always looking for ways that we can fit more conveniently into your lifestyle, real-life as well as digital. That’s why we’ve scrapped the classic DVD for the more convenient USB thumb drive to deliver digital files after your wedding. Unlike a DVD, which can be scratched and easily lost amongst a pile of other impromptu table coaster, our USB thumb drives come will come in a custom designed box, making it a little harder to lose.

However, neither a DVD nor a USB thumb drive is sufficient for protecting your images in the long run. Here are a few things you can do to backup and protect your images from future mistakes and forgetfulness.

1. Always backup your images. When you plug your USB flash drive in, immediately copy your files to your local hard drive.

2. Set up a System Backup for your computer. On an Apple computer, backup utilities, such as Time Machine, are included. On a PC, third party utilities are available for a nominal fee.

3. Upload your images to off-site backup. Cloud backup services are available from Google, Apple and Amazon.

4. Put your USB thumb drive in your safe-deposit box. Once you have transferred your images to your local hard drive for immediate viewing you don’t need your USB Flash drive, except in the case that your local hard drive is damaged. So store your flash drive in a safe deposit box, or some other safe location and only retrieve it in the event of data loss from your local drive.

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