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Sessions in Washington, DC

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We do not recommend setting up your session within Washington, DC city limits. However, if there is a location in Washington, DC that is very important to you and you would like to attempt to schedule anyway, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind.


Traffic in Washington, DC can be very challenging to predict. Unforeseen circumstances usually complicate the schedule. Due to traffic concerns we only shoot midday in the city. We cannot schedule an early morning or late afternoon session. Sessions in Washington DC must take place between 11:00am and 2:00pm in order to avoid the predictable rush hour traffic in the city.

Construction, accidents and events can, and do, create traffic at other times of the day and this may represent an unreasonable challenge in conducting your session. If you are advised against a shoot in DC, because we deem the risks of these problems too high, your session cannot be rescheduled and no refunds will be provided.


Some areas of Washington, DC have ample street parking in close proximity to the location you’ve requested. Others, particularly those near the Capitol and Monuments, virtually never offer parking within a reasonable distance. Where paid and commercial parking is available for a fee, you will be responsible for these charges.

These locations will also require an $80 fee which covers these and other potential complications. When discussing your location, we will determine whether the location will require this charge.

Laws & Regulations

Washington, DC also has a slew of laws and regulations which can make portrait and wedding photography especially complicated. If you wish to shoot in Washington, DC, you are responsible for obtaining and paying for any permits that are necessary.

Tips For Choosing a Washington, DC Location

We strongly recommend against choosing locations near the Capitol and Monuments. In order to avoid additional charges associated with the city, we suggest choosing a residential area, or a lesser known park—of which there are many.

Here are a selection of locations which are generally safe for booking, and under most circumstances are not affected by our 11am to 2pm booking restriction:

GeorgetownGeorgetown offers a unique and interesting old-world city experience. Because much of Georgetown is residential, this is generally an easy location to get to and from and in most cases offers ample free parking. Some parts of Georgetown are outside of our service area and will require a $24 travel fee. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you beforehand.

The National Arboretum – A gigantic, and beautifully landscaped garden. Photography, under most circumstances, is permitted. Free parking is plentiful and this location is never subject to our 11am to 2pm booking restriction.