Think for a moment about what it is you want to remember about your wedding day. Is it the way the hors d’oeuvres look on the tray as the service staff brings them to your guests? Is it the way the table dressings look as your guests see them for the first time? Is it the way the boutonnières hang on lapels of the men in your wedding? The way the dressing room looked while the girls were getting ready? My guess is that, yes, if you thought about it, you’d like to remember these things. That’s why we always make efforts to capture these little nuggets of wedding memories. But I’d also guess this isn’t exactly what you would have in mind when you hire a wedding photographer.

I suspect the things you really want to remember are are a lot more personal. The the way your guests will laugh and smile, reminiscing over old friendships and experiences as they enjoy those hors d’oeuvres. Your mom sitting and smiling, watching you take your first dance as a newly married couple, while she rests her cup of hot coffee on the table dressing she worked so hard to design. The men, jesting and smoking fine cigars, poignantly designated as the inner circle by those gracefully placed boutonnières. The way you laughed, and cried and waited patiently with your wedding party in the dressing room. These are the personal, special parts of a wedding whose value doesn’t fade. These moments are fleeting. When they’re gone, they’re gone. This is where a second photographer can make all the difference.

Unlike the details of your wedding, which for the most part, are unchanging throughout your wedding, the personal interactions happen only once. A second photographer makes it possible to capture them, even when one photographer is already occupied.

Capture images of your fiancé as you take your first steps down the isle. Capture images of your mother smiling during your first dance. Images of your father as you take your wedding vows. Images of clinking glasses following your best friend’s heartfelt toast—A second photographer makes this a very real possibility, without forfeiting images of the main event.

And now, here’s the really good news:

Two Photographers are now included in every wedding package!

We don’t have low end packages. We have different packages to meet different needs. But the quality should always be top notch. For this reason, we’ve decided that there’s no reason any wedding we shoot should only feature only one photographer.

There’s no fine print. No hidden fees. No bait and switch. Every wedding package, by default, will now include dual photographers to capture every special moment we can.

Take a moment and check out our new wedding packages for 2012. We still have availability this year, so don’t lose your date; give us a call!