happy couple

“You look amazing!”

Because you will, of course. But also because with all the rushing around and timelines to meet, there’s a good chance you might forget. When we start to see concern coming over your face, worried the florist might not have dropped off the bouquet, or wondering if you’re going to pull off that dance move while everyone is watching, we’re there to remind you that you look amazing, that everything is going to turn out great and that at the end of the day…

“You’re going to be married!”

Even if all of your biggest worries come to fruition. The cake collapses, the caterer brings chicken in place of the vegetarian dishes you arranged for, your uncle gets super drunk and wears a tin-foil hat. There are lots of ways that your wedding day could go off the rails. But none of them will change what that day means to the rest of your life. In fact, they will probably become the stories your family laughs around. The photos we capture for you will become the anchor for those moments and memories.

“I can’t wait to show you that one!”

We’re observers, and organizers and problem solvers. We’re often noticing moments that you don’t even realize are happening. Because you’re in the middle of them. You might not even consider the children who fell asleep under their table–but we almost certainly will. You might not notice that all four of your aunts or in an epic corn hole battle, but we’re looking for it.