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Three Wedding Vendors Who Have Knocked Our Socks Off

When you have to do something for the first time–especially when you don’t expect to ever do it again, it can feel a little like being afloat in open water. How do you know you’re not missing anything? Who can help? How do you know if you’re choosing the the right person for the job?

There’s lots of guides out there to help you pick competent wedding vendors, so I’m not going to repeat all that. To me, what speaks louder than an interview with a vendor, is someone else’s actual experience with that vendor. And the opinion of that vendor’s peers speaks volumes about them as well.

So here are three that have impressed us and we’re always stoked to work with.


wedding photography DJ

1. Mixing Maryland DJ’s

You want to have a party, these guys make a party. They know what to play, when to play it and how keep it flowing seamlessly. These guys will transform your wedding reception into an exclusive, trendy downtown night club. The personality is spot on, the attitude is fun and relaxed, and exactly the kind of ‘cool’ you want for your wedding reception.



Wedding photography wedding planner

2. AJK EventsWedding Planners

I’m going to level with you–there is a big difference in the cool and collected attitudes of AJK Event’s brides, when compared to those who’ve set out to do it all on their own. AJK Events pulls strings like you wouldn’t believe. Keeps tabs on vendors, attendees, food and venue complexities. They’re a gentle, guiding hand with a firm enough attitude to actually get stuff done on time and without the anxiety.



Ring exchange wedding photography

3. Adora Wedding FilmsVideographers

These guys are up and comers and worth your attention. Whatever they are charging now, it’s likely not enough and I’d advise you book them for your wedding immediately, before they figure that out! I jest, but the the creative attitude and candor this group brings to the project will be a powerful force. Working with these guys, you’re going to appreciate the style and attention to detail they bring to your wedding video.



Wedding venue photography at stone manor

4. BONUS – Stone Manor Coutry Club in Middletown, MD Venues

Stone Manor is your traditional wedding venue in many respects. But in some very important ways it is a major cut above the rest. The location offers acres of beautiful farmland scenery, a historic mansion, indoor and outdoor ceremony locations and a very large, accommodating tent on-site. But the kicker, the real kicker, is the care this venue puts into their presentation–both professional, and personal. During our last event at Stone Manor, I was speaking to someone who happened to be replacing the toilet paper in the bathroom. After a few minutes, I learned the very friendly person I was speaking with was the owner of the venue. He was there, making sure everything was perfect. That speaks volumes.


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