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7 Problems With Your Dating Profile Photo

Did you know science is looking into why you can’t get a date? Turns out it’s your photo. Just kidding, well, kind of. From the results of a variety of scientific studies, eHarmony provided an in depth article about what profile pictures ‘work’ and which ones do not. That is to say, which profile photos lead to more connections.

The suggestions in the article seem like quite a lot to keep track of when you’re looking through an iPhoto library packed with selfies. So here are the main points, so make a check list.

You upload have at least 4 – 6 photos

According to eHarmony, profiles with more photos get contacted more often. It makes sense, the more photos you have, the easier it is for people to get a sense of what your life is like. So, probably just one in the bathroom mirror.

No so close ups

When your profile photo is just a headshot, people start to think you’re hiding something. Shallow as it might be, are you? The best results are medium shots (approximately belly-botton up) in either landscape (which feels more natural) or portraits in 4:3 aspect ratio.

Definitely not small or blurry

This should be a no brainer, but you might not realize a photo on your smartphone in low-light is always blurry. Blurry and small photos also communicate the sense that you’re hiding something.

Not awkwardly chopping someone out

Well, obviously don’t do this. It looks tacky and people will think you just cut your ex out of the photo.

Ladies, show off your happiness

You should always be yourself, but when you pick your photo, try and find one that shows you when you’re happy. For most likely shallow reasons, this is better for making connections than showing off confidence.

Guys, show off your confidence

Like I said, It’s better to be yourself, but guys, when you choose a profile photo, you’ll have better luck with one that shows your confidence or pride than one that shows how happy you are. Go figure.


Wouldn’t it be better if someone could know this stuff for you?

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