When it comes time to choose where to take your corporate headshots, going and standing in front of a studio backdrop is probably not what you want to do. You limit the versatility and variety of the images created when you go into a studio.

For most people, the best place to set your headshots is at your own office.

Whether your office is suitable if first a question of purpose. If you’re not the owner of the company, you’ll need to know if you’re allowed to take the photos in your office. If you’re hiring a photographer to take new staff photos, then this question is already answered. But if you’re hiring a photographer to help you get a new job, you might run into trouble.

Once you know for certain that shooting in and around the office is permitted, you need to assess how much space you have inside. Photographers can work with a variety of light to create great, and natural looking pictures, but to modify light, large amounts of space are sometimes necessary.

You’ll need rooms with at least 10 square (not necessarily contiguous) feet of free space, and significantly more if you need full length images, or images of people grouped together. Conference rooms and kitchens often make a great spot for classic, clean headshots using a plain wall as a background, and usually provide enough space for some simple lighting equipment.

You probably want a classic headshot, but it’s smart to have a portfolio of images which you can use for professional reasons. It’s useful to have variations on your headshot in a variety of settings, which allows you to tailor your presentation in the appropriate places. You may want images of yourself at your desk, in the lobby, outside the elevator–and if possible, definitely one outside.

Images taken outside can maintain their professionalism, but gain an intangible element–a subtle relatability. For some people, it might be better to only shoot outside. Real Estate agents and salespeople are two notable examples of professions that would probably see a benefit in presenting themselves outdoors.

For most people, it’s best to keeping with variety, but having at least some images in a natural setting can also help present your business-casual self in the best light. Images like these are great to have when you need to communicate with colleagues on a more personal platform. This is a great option for Facebook, to compliment traditional headshots in company directories and linkedIn profiles.

If your office permits you to have images made there, there is space to work, a few different options for where to shoot, and has a well maintained surrounding area, your office is probably the best spot. But, if you’re not allowed, there’s no free space, or simply no variety at all, it’s going to be best to look elsewhere. Discuss with your photographer whether your office is suitable. If it’s not, they will help you choose a better location.