Last month, we asked everyone to nominate someone who really deserves it for a free wedding photography package. It was an outrageously difficult decision, especially after receiving way more nominations that we expected! They were touching. They were funny. They were insightful. Some were sad. Some were super optimistic. Some were trying to be sneaky. They so much more compelling than we imagined.

We made our decision by internal and external committee. And in the end, we’d like to congratulate Helen & Adam, who’s sister Kathleen shared a story that literally brought tears to our eyes. Last night, with Kathleen’s help, we secretly took Helen & Adam out to dinner at a little Annapolis nook by the name of Vin 909 for the surprise.

Kathleen, Helen & Adam, and a close childhood friend sat down and started their meal as usual. After a while, aided by Kathleen’s intuition, we came over to visit their table. I asked Kathleen to read her nomination to Helen & Adam, who were still at this point totally unaware of what was going on. It quickly became clear that it was something. Everyone worked to hold back tears as Kathleen read, and when she was finished, we told them they’d won.

It was such a privilege to share this surprise with them. We are so grateful to Kathleen for taking her time to share Helen & Adam’s story, and to really go out of her way to make this surprise something special for this amazing couple. We are super excited to work with them!