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The Avergan Foundation Fundraiser at Gallery 3976

The Avergan Foundation is an Annapolis based non-profit that helps families offset the cost of early discovery, and education for children with special needs. The average cost for services related to development for social entry is $1800-$2500 a month, and about 1 in 70 children are affected. It’s a significant burden that parents shoulder, and the financial affects can splinter out into siblings and marriages. The Avergan Foundation is founded by Tom & Allison Barnhill who had to discover how to overcome these challenges themselves, and then vowed to help make it easier for others in their situation.

Check out their video here, and the images we captured during their charity fundraiser at Gallery 3976 in Annapolis on June 11th, 2015.

Avergan from Clickspark Films on Vimeo.

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