On July 16th, we were invited to cover the Betacade event at the Laughing Man Tavern in DC. You probably haven’t heard of Betacade yet. It’s brand new and gaining steam. Modeled something like a gaming conference, where developers and gamers meet, Betacade is a little different. It’s not the polished, commercial games here. Instead, developers bring their works-in-progress, and invite gamers to sit down and tell them what’s wrong with it.

With less than a month of planning, the first Betacade event saw over 100 enthusiastic attendees. They’re expecting to double, or even triple that number at the second event, which will be held in Baltimore at a location to be announced.

Gamers at the event found offerings to play from at least 12 different indie developers from around the area, bringing games in a lot of different stages of development. From games that appeared rather polished, to those where were little more than demonstrations of game mechanics. About half way through the event some lucky attendees, selected randomly from people who used the Betacade hashtag, were awarded Betacade t-shirts and free tickets to the next event. Meanwhile, the Laughing Man staff kept food and drinks flowing.

Needless to say, the event was a big success–check out some of the highlights below!