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Wedding Photography at the Baltimore National Aquarium | Stephanie & Toren

Stephanie & Toren were married on a historic day at the Baltimore aquarium where Stephanie tends to the turtles and the sharks. The day was April 25th, 2015. You might remember that date, because it’s the same day the protests started in Baltimore. A steady stream of protesters stood between the hotel where the couple was getting ready, and the aquarium where the wedding ceremony and reception would be held. Gridlock left us with surprisingly few delays, and everyone remained mostly on schedule. Hughes Entertainment, a father and son DJ duo, brought the sounds to life throughout the ceremony and reception, with the city lights in the background. And, The Classic Catering People made amazing entrees, which was served through a comfortable buffet line.

The uncertainty introduced from the protests outside, and the prom celebration going on down the hall, left everyone feeling a bit rushed during the time set aside for wedding formals. Although what we captured during the wedding day turned out great, the aquarium presented greater challenges that we initially calculated. We could have done so much more with such a cool location! After expressing this sentiment to Stephanie, she went ahead and worked some magic to get us all back in there after hours! HOW COOL IS THAT? With the two of them wedding-dressed again, we finally got time to really enjoying the experience of working in the space. It was amazing, and we can’t wait to work with these two again!

You may also be interested to know that Toren is quite an amazing photographer himself. Check out some of his work!

Check out the gallery below to see all the highlights!