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Samantha & Alex’s Beautifully Casual Courthouse Wedding in Annapolis

On July 21st, Alex and Samantha tied the knot at the Courthouse in Annapolis. Not ones to drop a lot of dough on a big party, or make a huge fuss about their wedding day, they opted to keep things casual. Samantha went with a beautiful navy blue dress, and Alex wore a white linen shirt, unbuttoned with a boutonnière to match Samantha’s yellow and purple bouquet.

One of our lead shooters, Felipe Sanchez, spent time before the ceremony catching a wonderful array of family formals in the circle out front, then headed in with the family to capture the goings-on as the couple registered and exchanged their vows in the courthouse. Following the ceremony, Felipe, Samantha and Alex explored the streets around the Iron Rooster in Downtown to capture some romantic formals, as family members enjoyed the company of each other, and a classic, well air conditioned restaurant before chowing down on some much deserved brunch.

Check out the highlights reel below!