Have you ever seen so many kids in your whole life? Well of course, but it’s still a lot of kids! The challenges of photographing a family with small children can abound, but for our long term client and friend Bernice, who wanted to arrange a portrait session for her mother Mary Ann, bringing all the grandkids together was a must. To make the most of the time before the kids hit an inevitable “melt down” moment, their photographer, Felipe Sanchez meticulously planned out which arrangements to put together and when. The day of the session, held on the beautiful grounds of the Fairfax Courthouse in Virginia, was a blast–and a series of fun challenges that only trying to photograph a herd of small children can bring.

Although practicality (and the attention span of a 3 year old) limited how much the group could wander around, Felipe and the family worked together like an all star team.

Check out the highlights below!