There are about a zillion lists out there on the internet about all the different stuff you should remember to do on your wedding day. Some of them are geared around the schedule, some of them are geared around the food, or the guests, or the dress. There’s a lot of good tips in those lists. It seems most of them are on the more sentimental side–about pulling meaning from your wedding day. But with all the emotional or aesthetic stuff to remember, it’s easy to forget some very simple practical things.

So, rather than add unnecessary list items to your mind, here are just two really practical things that will help you move through your photos more smoothly and comfortably on your wedding day.


Tuxedos and wedding dresses are hot, literally and figuratively. That’s just kind of how they’re made. Even in cooler weather you can work up a sweat. In really hot weather you can pass out if you’re not careful.

The heat is a factor in a lot of weddings that fall behind schedule. Often after the ceremony, once you’ve gotten started on the formal photos, the caterer will bring out a tray of drinks. Unfortunately, it usually falls short of what you really need, which is a swig of water every few minutes to keep from feeling fatigued.

To keep fresh and moving after the ceremony, we recommend bringing a dedicated water bottle. Something you can toss on the ground, but not something so cheap that it gets left behind and you can otherwise keep close by until you can get into the reception. Camelbaks and Hydroflasks are both excellent water bottles that will take a beating and stick with you all day, and you’ll continue to use them later too.

Flats or Flip-flops

High heels have some great benefits. They make your legs and butt great, which is great if you don’t have a lot of walking to do. Realistically though, your wedding day will probably demand some walking you’d rather not do in high heels.

The formal photos before and after the ceremony sometimes include walking quite a bit, and might send you off the beaten path from time to time. Being mindful of how to walk in your wedding shoes and dress on various terrain has been a culprit in wedding delays before. If you keep a pair of flip flops or flats at the ready, you can switch in and out of your shoes as necessary. When they won’t be seen in photos, or when you need to walk longer than usual or on uneven terrain, you’ll be glad you have them.

Furthermore, if your feet become uncomfortable for too long, your face will start to show it. So the more comfortable you can keep your feet when you don’t absolutely need your wedding shoes on, the more relaxed and comfortable you will look in images–and the more comfortable and relaxed you will look walking into your reception!